Blood Test Update

Due to a shortage in supply of processing agents we are currently having to temporarily suspend our Phlebotomy service. If you have a routine blood test appointment booked you will be contacted to postpone.

Pathology departments across the West of England have supported each other to maintain services throughout the weekend with the anticipation of an improved position this week.

Unfortunately however, Roche were not able to resupply critical tests reagents over the weekend as expected and whilst we are hopeful of  some deliveries during the coming week, it is at this point unclear what will be supplied and when.

In this light we have reluctantly taken the view that we must protect supplies to ensure service continuity for urgent clinical services and have therefore taken the decision to request that all routine blood tests from primary care and community services are delayed until the immediate crisis has been resolved – urgent and essential blood tests (including pre-operative bloods) will continue to be tested and all tests received today will be processed.

Although Roche expect disruption to continue into early November we expect that emergency resupply will enable us to get to a stable situation in the next week and this restriction can be lifted. We realise how disruptive this will be for primary care and most importantly for patients and can assure you that we have done everything in our power to avoid this interruption to services and indeed have come to this position later than most other pathology networks nationally.